Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments Offered By Us

Whether it’s too much or too little hair, everybody experiences hair problems at one point in their life. Millions of people are dealing with hair issues, most of them due to age or stress. But you don’t have to worry about your hair, as you can check out our laser hair removal or hair loss treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

It’s fast, it’s precise, and you don’t have to keep doing it repeatedly. Most will have permanent hair loss in the area after 3-7 sessions.  The procedure uses a light laser which is absorbed by the pigments in the hair. This light converts to heat energy and damages the hair follicles causing hair to fall off.

Hair Loss Treatment

The threat of hair loss has been a concern for a long time. Many treatments can help curb hair loss and even treatments that can help stimulate new hair growth. The most common treatments are Laser hair treatment, hair transplant, over-the-counter medication and topical treatment with ointments and oils.