Semi-permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent Makeup in Derby

Semi-permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the look of the lips, eyes and eyebrows by inserting a pigment into the skin.

Many of us would love to just wake up with perfect brows and lipstick on. Semi-permanent make up will complement our natural features allowing you to wake up every morning with a perfect make.

Semi-permanent Makeup

Apart from the cosmetic side of the treatment it has many more benefits. It can add volume and correct the shape of eyebrows and lips. While we are aging our vermillion border will face and lips will get smaller. Semi-permanent make up will be a perfect solution to bring back a fresh and young look to our lips. We can also correct the look of stretch marks or scars by filling it with a pigment that will blend to your natural color of the skin.

Semi-permanent Makeup FAQ

Who is the treatment suitable for?

Treatment is for anyone that wants to improve their look due to cosmetic or medical reasons.

Does semi-permanent make up hurt?

The treatment area is numbed before the procedure starts to reduce any discomfort.

Is semi-permanent makeup safe?

Yes, it is considered as one of the safest procedures in the industry,

What is the downtime after semi-permanent make up?

It will need six weeks after the initial treatment for a full recovery and development of the color.

What are the side effects?

Side effects including mild swelling and scabbing after the treatment.

How can I prepare myself for a treatment?

Do not drink alcohol or take any blood thinners, do not wax or use sun beds 48 before the treatment.