LED Facial

LED Facial in Derby

LED Facial Treatment

LED light therapy – is a non-invasive and completely painless procedure. Using LED lamps, diodes emit energy in the form of light, which penetrates deep into the skin structure, without the effect of tissue overheating. Professional LEDs are powerful, efficient and have been used for many years for various specialized treatments.

LED Facial Therapy

High-power light is absorbed by cells where it regenerates. The duration of the treatment depends on the part of the body to be treated (on average 10 – 20 minutes of sessions), while anti-wrinkle treatments, treatment of stretch marks or alleviation of the effects of acne take longer than, for example, anti-inflammatory sessions. The effects after the session are noticeable immediately, but the best results are after a course of sessions. The satisfactory results are most noticeable after the end of the entire series of treatments recommended by a specialist based on a preliminary skin condition assessment