Medical Pedicure

Medical Pedicure in Derby

Medical Pedicure Treatment

A Medical pedicure – is a procedure that involves removing the dead and hardened epidermis and shortening the nails with a medical device. This tool can smooth the skin of the feet in a very precise way, including the tips of the fingers and the places between the toes. In this way, we get rid of all imperfections, and the condition of our nails is significantly improved (they become much stronger and gain a healthy shine). A medical pedicure is performed with the use of special softening products. As part of the treatment, a chemical peel and callus softener is applied on the feet, following a mud mask, paraffin boots and finally, a medical-grade cream is applied to the skin. As a result, the feet gain a healthy colour, are highly moisturized and look refreshed.

Benefits of Medical Pedicure

  • Reduced calluses
  • Softer and healthier-looking feet
  • Stronger toenails
  • Prevention of cracked skin 
  • Reduction in bad odour 

What can I expect during the treatment?

Treatment involves the application of active ingredients products that penetrate through the skin tissue and allows more effective reduction of dead skin cells and calluses. A powerful electric drill is used to remove as much dry skin as possible during just one session.

How long does the treatment last?

Medical pedicure treatment lasts an hour.

How often can I have it done?

We recommend monthly treatments for best results.